Who owns Mint Mobile? It’s actually more complicated than you think

Who owns Mint Mobile? It’s actually more complicated than you think

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Mint Mobile has really blossomed in popularity over the past few years thanks to the company’s association with Deadpool star and gin connoisseur Ryan Reynolds. Of course, it also happens to offer some of the best cheap cell phone plans around right now, but its affiliation and supposed co-ownership with an A-lister has really helped it stand out in the often-too-corporate world of cell phone plans

However, It’s left many of us wondering – is Ryan Reynolds really the owner of Mint Mobile? Well, the answer is yes – sort of. To be more specific, the actor bought a part-ownership stake in the popular prepaid carrier back in 2019 in a highly publicized manner, which raised more than a few eyebrows. 

Ryan Reynolds is, therefore, at least a major player and stakeholder in the company and not just the ‘public face’ who pops up now and again in one of the companies increasingly elaborate and off-the-wall adverts. That said, as you’d imagine, the company didn’t start with him solely, and there’s plenty more movers and shakers behind the scenes, especially since Mint Mobile’s origins lie in another prepaid carrier altogether.

A little Mint Mobile history lesson

Mint Mobile was, in fact, founded back in 2015 as a subsidiary of another prepaid carrier – Ultra Mobile. Interestingly enough, Ultra was a relatively new carrier, having been established itself in 2011 by co-founder David Glickman, who’s still a key figure at both companies. To this day, Mint Mobile technically operates as a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile, even though we assume it’s just as, if not more, popular these days.

Of course, while linked, both Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile operate as separate companies and cater to different markets. Mint tends to be more online-based and, on the whole, offers more bang-for-the-buck for domestic users. On the other hand, Ultra Mobile offers a really cheap way to get free international calling, and its SIM cards are readily available at stores like 7-Eleven.

If you’re currently researching Mint Mobile and are thinking about trying the carrier out, we’ve included details on the Mint Mobile free trial just below.

The best Mint Mobile deals this weekend

Mint Mobile: 7-day free trial now available

Get yourself 250MB of 5G data, 250 minutes, and 250 texts free of charge with the new Mint Mobile free trial. With cell phone plans as little as $15 a month, plus excellent coverage on the T-Mobile network makes Mint Mobile an extremely competitive choice for those on a budget. Previously you had to pay $5 upfront to get yourself a starter kit, so this is a great way to try out this excellent prepaid carrier for less this week.

Mint Mobile introductory offer: 3-months at yearly rate

If you’re new to Mint Mobile, the carrier will automatically enroll you at the best rate possible for your first three months, regardless of which plan you go for. Note – after this, you’ll have to buy your plan in a yearly installment to get the same rate as previously, so bear this in mind before you work out your costs.

For more Mint-related content, see our Mint Mobile plans guide, the best Mint Mobile phones, or save some bucks with this week’s best Mint Mobile deals.

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