Well that was fast, Tesla updates homepage with Victoria’s $3,000 EV rebate. Model 3 SR+ in your driveway for $65k.

Well that was fast, Tesla updates homepage with Victoria’s $3,000 EV rebate. Model 3 SR+ in your driveway for $65k.

Tesla has update their website, just hours after the announcement of a $3,000 rebate off electric vehicles was made by the Victorian Government.

Vehicles under A$69,000 now qualify for A$3,000 off the price and the first batch of 4,000 rebates begin tomorrow. The Tesla Model 3 SR+ qualifies for this rebate and Tesla has jumped at the chance to draw new EV buyers to the brand.

$3,000 EV rebate now available for Victoria residents on eligible Model 3. Learn More

The Learn More link directs customers to Tesla’s page on Incentives, which has been updated to include the new Victorian offer.

What is the offer?

The Victorian Government has introduced an EV rebate of $3,000 on new electric vehicles with a vehicle subtotal (dutiable value) under $68,740. The Vehicle Subtotal can be found on the payment section of the Model 3 configurator by selecting ‘show details’. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis and is limited to 4,000 registrations in Victoria at this amount. A further 16,000 incentives will then be made available, but the Victorian Government has not yet confirmed details for this stage of the scheme.

Having checked the websites of other automakers who ship EVs in Australia and nobody other than Tesla has updated their sites at the time of writing.

There are now also multiple reports from customers with pending orders in with Tesla, receiving sms notifications informing them that Tesla is well across this rebate.

Currently the Model 3 is the only Tesla available in Australia, with the refreshed Model S and Model X now showing a delivery date of late 2022. Until the Model Y arrives here, the Model 3 is clearly the focus for the Australian market.

Right now, the price of a Tesla Model 3 SR+ in Victoria is $64,425, plus on-road costs of $3,669 takes the Drive Away Price to A$68,094. If we reduce that by the $3,000 rebate on offer, we have a Model 3 drive away price of just A$65,094 the cheapest a Tesla has ever been on available for in Australia.

This pricing drop from the rebate (in Victoria) comes on the back of reductions in cost thanks to a production shift from Freemont-built vehicles

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