Watch This Guy Replace Bike Tires With Circular Saw Blades

Watch This Guy Replace Bike Tires With Circular Saw Blades

  • A popular YouTube channel has created a bike that looks like a death trap on ice.
  • Dubbed the “icycycle,” this modified bicycle replaces traditional wheels with circular saws and makes cycling on ice possible.
  • After a test run, one last modification was made to provide traction on both saws that allowed for better pedal power on snow covered ice.

    In an impressive feat of terrifying and awe-inspiring engineering, YouTube channel The Q has figured out how to make cycling on ice possible—and insanely dangerous.

    The Q created what it calls the “icycycle,”—although we think “diecycle” would also be fitting—and it looks like something we’d expect to see in a horror film: a modified mountain bike that’s been turned into a functional bicycle with circular saws for wheels.

    The Q outlines its step-by-step process in the video and shows how the original bike was deconstructed to replace the tires with saws. After removing the tires from the bike frame, the disc brakes were taken off, and the tire was deflated and separated from the rim. Then, the spokes and hub were removed from the rim, and hub deconstruction began.

    man uses circular saws to replace traditional bike tires

    The rubber tire gets separated from the rim. Next, the hub and spokes will get removed.

    YouTube / The Q

    The Q then gets to work building up the saw blade tires; after adding disc brakes and reaffixing the saw blades to the frame, the bike is ready for a spin. Right away, though, there’s a problem: the saw blades are, well, saw blades, and they’re too sharp for the ice. Immediately, the rear blade made quick work of slicing through the ice.

    So, what do you do when your razor sharp “wheels” offer no traction? DI

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