Watch out Microsoft, Zoom goes after the enterprise with Zoom Phone Appliances

Watch out Microsoft, Zoom goes after the enterprise with Zoom Phone Appliances

By now, most of the world are familiar with and have used Zoom. During the Covid19 pandemic, the service rocketed in popularity, with a staggering 470% growth of customers in 2020. While the main product is free to use, it does have limitations and that’s where Zoom’s Business, Pro and Education pricing comes in.

Today, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. announced the launch of Zoom Phone Appliances. These are IP-based desk phones with video capability built right in, great for the hybrid workforce. Whether you’re in the home office, or at the workplace, these devices are even being pitched as solutions for meeting rooms.

Zoom Phone Appliances combine Zoom technology with hardware from Poly and Yealink to provide video and audio capabilities and touch display, in an all-in-one desk phone solution for HD video meetings, phone calls, and interactive whiteboarding.

This strikes at the heart of Microsoft’s Teams service, which offers enterprises a unified communications experience. While Zoom lacks the channel support that Teams offers, a fully IP-based phone system from zoom is likely to be far cheaper than what is available from Redmond.

“The traditional workplace is evolving and adapting, and our goal is to empower the workforce to accomplish more by blurring the lines between voice and video. The new Zoom Phone Appliance program boasts a selection of purpose-built Zoom Phone hardware from Poly and Yealink, streamlining communications, removing friction, and enabling a powerful communications experience.”

Graeme Geddes, Head of Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms at Zoom.

Zoom Phone Appliances simplify licensing, installation, use, and management, benefitting both the end users and IT departments.

Zoom Phone Appliances Features

A full-featured desk phone with powerful Zoom capabilities

Zoom Phone Appliances are always on, and always ready for instant communication and collaboration. Easily start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, make and receive phone calls, check voicemail, and virtually collaborate with content sharing and annotation

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