Watch a Bodybuilding Coach Demonstrate His ‘Toughest Workout Ever’

Watch a Bodybuilding Coach Demonstrate His ‘Toughest Workout Ever’

In his most recent video, YouTuber and bodybuilding coach Eugene Teo runs down an exhausting full-body workout consisting of 20-rep sets designed to push you, and improve your endurance and ability.

“The premise behind it is to choose a combination of isolation of compound exercises to take all of your joints through all of their possible articulations, and work through it all at a relatively low intensity, to prime and prepare the body for more intense cycles of training down the road,” he says, adding that the workout is inspired by Dr Michael Yessis, who uses these principles when training athletes.

“One of the most overlooked aspects of training is your overall recovery, both in and out of the gym,” he continues. “People often look at their sleep and nutrition, but the thing they don’t do enough of is improving their endurance or their ability to handle more work in general… When you train in the higher rep ranges, you might not get as much of a muscle or strength-building stimulus, but you will start to get a very strong stimulus for improving your work capacity and the efficiency of your system, by emphasizing a different energy system and different muscle fibers.”

Teo demonstrates the workout in full in the video, which consists of 20 exercises, each performed for 20 reps, back to back

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