Using AI to create baking recipes

Using AI to create baking recipes


The folks at Google used the power of AI to create a cakie (cake/cookie) and a breakie (bread/cookie) recipe.

We started off by collecting hundreds of cookie, cake and bread recipes. Then we converted all of their ingredients to ounces and whittled them down to a few essential ingredients (yeast, flour, sugar, eggs, butter and a few other things). Next we did a bit of reorganizing, since according to Paul Hollywood, treats like banana, zucchini and pumpkin bread are really more cake than they are bread.

Then we used a Google Cloud tool called AutoML Tables to build a machine learning model that analyzed a recipe’s ingredient amounts and predicted whether it was a recipe for cookies, cake or bread.

Our model was able to accurately tag breads, cookies and cakes, but could also identify recipes it deemed “hybrids” — something that’s, say, 50% cake and 50% bread, or something that’s 50% cake and 50% cookie. We named two such combinations the “breakie” (a bread-cookie — “brookie” was already taken) and the “cakie” (a cake-cookie) respectively.

This seems like an awful lot of work when they could’ve just used my personal recipe for a cakie: buy a cake, buy a cookie, and then eat them both at the same time. I don’t have a breakie recipe, because why would you eat bread when you can eat cake?

Keep going for the recipes and a video of their results and check out their blog post describing the project here.

And the recipes:



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