Trina Solar’s mega 670W Solar Panels are passing stress tests

Trina Solar’s mega 670W Solar Panels are passing stress tests

When we got solar on our house in February last year, we chose 20x 325W solar panels to create our 6.5kW system. By comparison, Trina Solar has a new solar panel that is a massive 670W per panel. With a higher capacity, you can achieve the same energy collection with fewer panels and a smaller footprint, or alternatively achieve a much larger system in the same physical space as less efficient panels.

Before going onto homes and businesses, new solar panels go through a series of tests to ensure they withstand the harsh elements they are likely to be exposed to, throughout their life.

Results from six recent tests show that Trina  Solar Vertex 670W modules have excellent mechanical load reliability. The six tests included static mechanical load testing, non-uniform snow-load testing, extreme low-temperature mechanical load testing, hail testing, extreme dynamic mechanical load (DML) testing and extreme wind tunnel testing.  

The series of tests verified, across-the-board, the excellent mechanical load reliability of 670W Vertex modules. 

Outdoor photovoltaic modules can be affected by multiple environmental factors. Extreme weather such as snowstorms and gale-force or higher winds necessitates a  higher load performance. As a result, the modules’ design needs to withstand extreme weather over the product’s lifecycle. 

In May of this year, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), one of the leading independent PV test laboratories, released its seventh annual global PV module test results, called the 2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report. Trina Solar was a ‘top performer’ for outstanding product reliability and performance among global PV module manufacturers.

Dr Zhang Yingbin, head of product strategy and marketing at Trina Solar, says completing the general reliability verification covered all the basics, while the advanced testing verified that

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