TradeStars Announces IDO Launching May 4th

TradeStars Announces IDO Launching May 4th

TradeStars Announces IDO Launching May 4th

May 3, 2021, New York – TradeStars, the innovative blockchain-powered fantasy sports trading game, is pleased to announce the launch of their IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on May 4th, 2021. The IDO for TradeStars is currently open. This means users can purchase $TSX tokens (the native token of TradeStars) across ZeroSwap and BSCPad from today.


TradeStars takes Fantasy Sports to the next level. It accomplishes this feat by providing players with an exciting alternative to traditional sports betting/fantasy sports markets. Players are allowed to monetize and trade fractional NFTs that represent real-life athletes. Fans can then use their real-life knowledge of sports and their favorite athletes to invest in specific sports stars. The actual performance of the athletes will impact their value in TradeStars, either going up or down.

The game is run by smart contracts on the blockchain. This allows for the creation of fractionlized NFTs for each athlete. The key ingredient of the game is the ability to fractionlize, or split up, these non-fungible tokens representing major athletes as it allows players to gain partial ownership of assets. The result is that there will be no arguments or fights on who has Mike Trout, LeBron James, or Lionel Messi. Players will be able to invest in a

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