There are just over 1,000, $4,174 solar battery rebates left in Victoria, get in fast

There are just over 1,000, $4,174 solar battery rebates left in Victoria, get in fast

As of May 31st, 2021, data from the Clean Energy Regulator shows that Australia has more than 2.83 million rooftop solar systems installed. This means that more than 1 in 4 homes in the country had solar, representing the highest uptake of solar in the world.

Many of these installations (547,347) took place in Victoria, a state with Australia’s second-highest population. With most sold on the idea of reducing power bills over the long term with a one-off investment in the short term, these homes become potential candidates to invest further in-home battery storage.

Solar Victoria is charged with the responsibility of administering state incentives to encourage the uptake of renewables. At the time of writing, there are currently 1,008 solar battery rebates remaining in the current release.

The Solar battery rebates were initially released to select postcodes, but have since been unlocked for all postcodes in Victoria.

Solar battery rebates will remain at their current value of up to $4,174 until all rebates in 2020–21 have been fully allocated. They will then reduce to $3,500, so if you’re considering one, best to make a move sooner rather than later.

A solar battery will store the energy collected from your solar panels, ready for use when the sun doesn’t shine, reducing your draw from the grid during peak times (when power is the most expensive).

There are many home battery storage options available under the Solar Victoria rebate scheme, but they estimate installing a battery can help a typical household save up to $640 a year. You can review the approved products here.

The list of options is actually really impressive, with more than 1,400 variants available each offering a different storage capacity which comes in at a range of different price points.

The most commonly known brands like Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen, LG Chem, but there are also some options from players like BYD and Huawei.

Typically battery storage solutions are fairly expensive, so the significant saving on offer from the Victorian rebate may bring them down to an affordable price that makes sense for many households.

As an example, the Tesla Powerwall 2 offers 13.5kWh of capacity, with 7kW peak and 5kW continuous capacity.

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