Holidays are celebrated differently across the world, with each one having its own unique traditions. Dive a little deeper this season and learn more about the meaningful customs that make up the joyous holidays!



A fairly new holiday, Kwanzaa was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in California in the 1960s. The celebration, which lasts for a week in late December, focuses on seven principles—ranging from the importance of being with loved ones to the celebration of achievement. Kwanzaa is observed in many ways that all involve the tradition of being with family and friends, and sharing good food.



Trees, lights, and cards galore…all these Christmas traditions mark the start of many people’s favorite time of year. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert can be credited with the popularization of decorative trees, in both England and the US. Christmas cards were also made popular across the pond, when patron of the arts Henry Cole had a dilemma—he simply had too many friends. He enlisted an artist friend to help him with his greeting card idea, and the rest is history.



There are many theories surrounding the origin of the dreidel. Some believe it originated in India, while others hold firm that it began in Germany. Either way, the game is a widely celebrated Hanukkah tradition with children and adults. Also, the fried food (latkes and donuts) enjoyed throughout the eight days symbolize the oil needed to light the menorah. There are many traditions surrounding Hanukkah, which is the beauty of the holiday!