The iQOO 7 racks up ~US$30.9 million for its first day on the market News

The iQOO 7 racks up ~US$30.9 million for its first day on the market News

The iQOO 7 was second to launch with the new flagship-grade Snapdragon 888 processor in 2021. Its inaugural release to its native market took place today (January 15, 2021). Its brand announced that the event went well, to the tune of ~US$30.86 million in takings.

iQOO did not reveal how many units of the 7 were sold to make up this figure; however, presuming they were all base models, this number would have been just under 53,000. Then again, the phone does have more premium variants, including some co-branded by BMW.

This performance seems impressive; however, it is admittedly less so when compared to the device that beat it to a launch with the 888, the Xiaomi Mi 11. It reportedly sold about 75,000 units in just 1 minute of its own first day on general sale, and took just 5 minutes to rake in about $230 million at one point.

It starts at 3998 yuan (~$617) for an 8GB RAM SKU with 55 watt (W) charging and a 4600mAh battery. The iQOO 7, on the other hand, undercuts it at 3798 yuan (~$586) for an 8GB, 4000mAh model that can charge at a blistering 120W (as might the Mi 11 Pro).

This might seem a little perplexing, yet may also indicate what Xiaomi’s brand-recognition, not to mention its 108MP premium-grade main camera and larger 6.81-inch QHD+ AMOLED display might mean to the buying public.

Then again, iQOO now definitely has the underdog appeal going for it. Furthermore, it also now has a whopping 1000 hertz (Hz) touch-sampling rate for its 120Hz display, conferred by a new OriginOS update. This is impressive, considering 480Hz is the best even the Mi 11 can do.

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