The happiest hamster on Earth living in a penthouse

The happiest hamster on Earth living in a penthouse


This is a video from a Korean show of the happiest hamster on Earth that not only has a hamster-sized penthouse, but a personal chef that cooks handmade hamster-sized dishes.

Golden Hamster who lives in a penthouse her first sister built for her,
eats handmade dishes her second sister cooks for her. (Jealous..)

Not 100% what that translation means, but the hamster gets handmade banana pasta and mini macarons prepared by a personal chef. Obviously this is adorable, but it’s also disheartening to see a hamster living so much better than me. Although to be fair, a person living under a bridge who eats out of a garbage can is also living better than me. My life decisions have been…bad.

Keep going for the full video, as well as the video that probably inspired this: SIMI making a mini bowl of pasta for a hamster.

And the time SIMI built a tiny kitchen and served a hamster-sized bowl of noodles to a hamster:

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