Tesserent partners with UNIQ YOU to encourage females into cybersecurity careers

Tesserent partners with UNIQ YOU to encourage females into cybersecurity careers

Australian cybersecurity comapny Tesserent has announced today they are forming a strategic partnership with Queensland-based not-for-profit UNIQ YOU. The goal of this new partnership is to encourage more females to seriously consider careers in cybersecurity. 

The Australian cyber sector currently employs 26,500 people, but it’s estimated that over 7,000 new jobs will need to be created by 2024 to support a growing industry. Encouraging diversity and more female talent in the industry is key to meeting demand and addressing gender imbalances. Tesserent has recently announced a new division – the Tesserent Academy, designed to address the skills shortfall in the sector.

UNIQ YOU is a ground-breaking new virtual platform showing Year 9-12 girls that a career in technology fields like cybersecurity is possible. As more girls see that this is a viable path, a more diverse pipeline of future cybersecurity professionals will open up.

“We are delighted to support the important work that UNIQ YOU is doing to significantly increase the exposure high school girls have to industries under-represented by women. Partnering together, we hope to encourage more female Gen Z high school students to seriously consider building a career in cyber. This program is an exciting initiative supported by the new Tesserent Academy.”

Ms Emmeline McIIIree, Chief People Officer, Tesserent. 

UNIQ YOU tackles the pipeline problem by showing high school girls that they can pursue amazing careers in industries currently under-represented by women, focusing on STEM, technology, cybersecurity as well as mining, water, energy and gas, construction, manufacturing, aviation, agriculture, defence and transport and logistics.

“Tesserent’s commitment to playing a role in the development of a future pipeline of female cybersecurity leaders and boosting participation in the sector is crucial to addressing gender imba

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