Telstra and AWS partnership creates formidable relationship to take businesses to the cloud

Telstra and AWS partnership creates formidable relationship to take businesses to the cloud

Telstra and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed an agreement that sets up the relationship to provide solutions that will bring cloud services closer to Australian businesses and consumers. 

Telstra intends to explore a range of AWS’s edge compute solutions that give organisations the ability to deploy applications closer to end customers to increase their resilience and performance, delivering a faster and more seamless user experience. 

To bring new differentiated capability to customers, AWS and Telstra will plan how to integrate AWS edge compute solutions with Telstra’s multi-access network.

For example, integrating AWS’s edge compute  solutions and Telstra’s 5G network enables application traffic from 5G devices to reach cloud services running in edge compute locations without leaving the Telstra network.

This prevents the latency that  would result from multiple hops to the internet, and means customers in industries that require low-latency and resilience such as media and entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, and gaming can take full advantage of the low-latency and high-bandwidth benefits, which can deliver greater speed and flexibility. 

The collaboration will help Telstra accelerate digital transformation for enterprise and government customers by facilitating a wide range of transformative capabilities that require resilience and low latency,  such as autonomous industrial equipment, smart cars and cities, Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented  and virtual reality. 

“We want to help Australian businesses benefit  from ultra-fast response times and enhanced resilience that comes with embedding AWS edge computing solutions at the edge of Telstra’s multi-access network.

For example, by bringing our customers and their  mission critical applications closer together via our 5G network collaboration, regardless of work location, Australian businesses can transform the way they operate and serve their customers.” 

Telstra Enterprise Group Executive David Burns

“The collaboration between  AWS and Telstra will enable highly responsive experiences on new 5G networks. With AWS edge  computing solutions, Telstra can build and deploy applications even closer to its customers, and deliver more seamless user experiences in such areas as industrial robotic and drone automation, connected vehicles, ML-assisted healthcare, and immersive entertainment.” 

AWS Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand, Adam Beavis

Telstra and AWS ‘Centre of Excellence’

Together with AWS under a new Strategic Collaboration Agreement, Telstra will launch a new Centre of  Excellence to help mid-market, enterprise, and government organisations with their digital transformation by harnessing the latest in cloud technology.  

The Centre of Excellence will include Telstra Purple, a team of consulting and managed services professionals, alongside AWS Professional Services, a dedicated team of business experts, who will work with Telstra to

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