Stake teams up with Tesla Owner’s Club of Australia  for Sydney Time Trial event

Stake teams up with Tesla Owner’s Club of Australia for Sydney Time Trial event

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November 24, 2020

Stake is a trading platform that allows Australians to easily trade US stocks. This year alone, the service has seen more than 17,000 Australians trade Tesla shares. Despite the impacts of Covid, Tesla’s share price continues to grow on the back of record deliveries, 5 consecutive quarters of profit and most recently the announcement of S&P inclusion.


To acknowledge this new era of motorsport, investment and innovation in Australia, Stake has partnered with the official Tesla Owners Club of Australia to launch a world-first time trial series that intends to build into an annual fixture in Australia’s motorsport calendar.  

Introducing – Stake x Tesla Owners’ Time Trial Series at Sydney’s Luddenham Raceway.


The first meet of the series will commence on November 30th at Sydney’s newest motorsport precinct, Luddenham Raceway, certified by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport.

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“The Stake x Tesla Owners’ EV TT Series is testament to the rise of electric vehicles around the world and right here at home.


Our national members are excited to showcase the true power of these astounding vehicles which represent the future of motor vehicle innovation, speed, precision and design.”

said Mark Tipping, President of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia.

Stake CEO and co-founder, Matt Leibowitz, said the concept for the series followed the huge amount of investment and interest in Tesla on the Stake platform, with Australians trading more than half a billion Australian dollars (US$400m) through over 110,000 individual trades. 

“Tesla was the number one traded stock on our platform this year, which is in part due to the meteoric rise in its stock price, but it also seems like Australian inves

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