Redflow offering grid-scale battery with the Energy Pod Z

Redflow offering grid-scale battery with the Energy Pod Z

Australian sustainable energy storage company Redflow, has released a new YouTube video introducing its new Energy Pod Z energy storage module. While the company had focused on home and commercial applications for their zinc-bromine-based batteries, now comes a new high-voltage, high-capacity, grid-scale product.

The Redflow Energy Pod Z module integrates 16 Redflow batteries with world-leading power conversion technology, can deliver high-voltage energy and can scale as large as required.

Redflow Managing Director and CEO Tim Harris and Redflow’s System Integration Architect, Simon Hackett explain the benefits of the new Energy Pod Z, which was designed to provide two megawatt-hours (2MWh) of energy storage for the Anaergia Rialto Bioenergy Facility in Southern California.

“We’re seeing here the start of the high-voltage, high-capacity, grid-scale future for Redflow, This is a great design, this is the first instance of it. We’ve got a pod that has got 16 of our batteries and a set of advanced electronics that take that system, take that battery voltage, and bring it up to the high voltage that’s needed for grid-scale applications.

Normally our batteries are 48 volt batteries. What we’re adding here is some technology from a great European company that makes power electronics that’s suited to flow batteries, that’s suited for our applications, that turns that low voltage into 800-900 volts.

The point of doing that is when you want to deploy many megawatts of power, when you don’t just have a few batteries – you want hundreds of batteries, ultimately thousands of batteries – you need to do that at high voltage. 

So this is the key for us. Once you have this thing in the field, you can essentially have as many as you like…once you run this sort of advanced high-voltage system, the sky’s the limit.”

Redflow’s System Integration Architect, Simon Hackett

Harris explains that the Anae

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