RACV and NRMA giving members 20% off ultra-rapid EV charging at Chargefox

RACV and NRMA giving members 20% off ultra-rapid EV charging at Chargefox

If you’re buying a new electric vehicle, chances are you’ll take the opportunity to reconsider which insurance provider you go with. If you happen to select RACV (Victoria), RACQ (Queensland), RACT (ACT), or NRMA (NSW), then you’re in for a treat.

These providers have partnered with one of Australia’s largest fast-charging networks, Chargefox, who recently opened their 19th location. That partnership is often shown with dual-branded recharging stations, but the good news is, you can get 20% off charging sessions.

We already know the cost of recharging Electric Vehicles is dramatically less than refueling a car, but an additional 20% is always welcome.

When buying my Tesla Model 3 last September, I hunted for the best deal on Insurance and found my way to RACV, due to their low rates. Since I got my electric car, I’ve spent a total of $182.12 on charging, all at Chargefox locations on road trips. Had I known about this deal, I could have saved $36.42.

Getting the discount is not limited to a number of charging sessions, as long as you’re a member you get the cheaper rate. With the standard Chargefox rate being A$0.40 per kWh, which means a 20% discount drops this to just A$0.32 per kWh.

By comparison, charging at Tesla’s Superchargers will cost you A$0.52 per kWh after a price rise back in October. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that 66 people have now used my referral link to buy their Tesla which means I have free Supercharging for at least the next 3 years.

For most people who don’t have this, I imagine a difference of 20c per kWh could definitely be enough to choose Chargefox over Tesla. Whether this discount is enough to make their insurance product make sense for you is a calculation you’ll have to make. For those that plan on a lot of driving (Covid-permitting), then it may well be enough

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