Porsche’s new parking app can open boom-gates and make payments from the car

Porsche’s new parking app can open boom-gates and make payments from the car

Porsche has launched a parking app called Porsche Park that provides Aussie owners with a contactless and convenient parking experience.

The Porsche Park app is available on the vehicles touchscreen (via Apple CarPlay), allowing owners to open carpark boom-gates and make payments.

Porsche Park was developed in conjunction with Australian smart parking solutions provider UbiPark and allows owners to search, navigate, access and pay at selected off-street partner car park locations.

You can download the app via the Apple App Store for free – click here.

Initially, all participating locations are in Melbourne, including high profile sites such as the Melbourne Arts Centre and Rialto Tower. Availability is expected to be expanded nationally in the second half of 2021.

“Porsche owners are now able to experience a completely new way of parking. We continue to develop technology that enhances the Porsche driving experience.“

Sam Curtis, Managing Director and CEO, Porsche Cars Australia.

Porsche Park is the first Australian-built Porsche app to be available in CarPlay, and is the latest in a suite of Porsche apps available for download such as the Porsche Track Precision or ROADS by Porsche apps.

How it works

Navigation: To be guided to off-street Porsche Park partner car parks, a driver opens the app safely in CarPlay, selects a preferred site and starts the navigation immediately. Participating parking locations are searchable by both name and location. You can also save preferred parking locations.

Access: Upon arrival, the app will automatically detect a car park entrance via Bluetooth and signal to the driver the available entry lanes via the centre console display of the PCM screen. The driver can then select and open the boom-gate via a button on the display without needing to handle any paper or digital tickets.

Payment: After entering the car park the app will continue to monitor

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