OnRobot VGP20 is the world’s most powerful Electric Vacuum Gripper for heavy-duty palletising applications

OnRobot VGP20 is the world’s most powerful Electric Vacuum Gripper for heavy-duty palletising applications

Look inside any modern factory and you’ll likely see plenty of computer-controlled robot arms. In the production industry, the competitive landscape often means extreme optimisations to business processes to deliver goods to the customer at a competitive price.

Any business processes that features a task that’s repetitive in nature is ripe to be replaced by robots. These run 24×7 without breaks and have a precision well in excess of human capability.

In the example of the VPG20, OnRobot has created a the most powerful Electric Vacuum Gripper in the world for heavy-duty palletising applications.

Some examples of demanding packaging and palletising applications are large, unwieldy bags of dog food, non-airtight clothing or consumer goods packages, and bulky, porous cardboard boxes.

It is exactly these kinds of tasks that OnRobot’s new VGP20 gripper can address.

Compatible with all leading robot brands, the gripper can handle payloads of 20kg (44.09lbs), making it a great fit for a wide range of applications in industries from cosmetics and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

“Our customers asked for a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy vacuum gripper that can pick up bulky, heavy-duty payloads while being intelligent enough to handle a wide range of items, including those with irregular shapes and porous surfaces.

The VGP20 combines power, intelligence and ease-of-use that competes with expensive, complex pneumatic grippers.”

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at OnRobot.

Researchers estimate that, on average, labour costs account for 65% of warehouse facility operating budgets, dwarfing the costs associated with utilities, taxes, distribution and rent combined.

On this basis alone, automation is a compelling proposition for companies of all sizes. According to researchers, adoption of automated palletising solutions in the food and beverage sector is estimated to have increased at a CAGR of more than 13% since 2017 and is set to reach USD390 million by 2022.

90% cost savings compared to pneumatic grippers

OnRobot’s new VGP20 electric vacuum gripper can take on applications that have traditionally been handled by powerful pneumatic grippers–at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

While pneumatic grippers require compressed air to operate, the VGP20 is all-electric and ready to go out of the box, enabling companies to save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional pneumatic gripper deployments.   

The VGP20 provides unlimited cup and airflow customisation and multichannel functionality, allowing it to be deployed on multiple items of different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the VGP20 gripper’s built-in intelligence, combined with its easy-to-use software, provides precise air flow control functionality that is beyond the capabilities

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