Nvidia’s GeForce NOW game-streaming service is coming to Australia in 2021

Nvidia’s GeForce NOW game-streaming service is coming to Australia in 2021

It’s 2021 and that means we should be able to expect to game wherever and whenever we want. Following Microsoft beta of Project xCloud, Nvidia is now bringing thgeir GeForce NOW game-streaming service to Australia (soon).

By placing NVIDIA RTX Servers on the edge, GeForce NOW partners cna deliver lower latency gaming experiences. There’s probably a very short list of applications that gives partners a better opportunity to showcase the value of their broadband and 5G infrastructure to customers. 

Ericsson recently published their 2020 mobility report, noting that 5G is expected to reach around 15% of the population, the equivalent of more than 1 billion people. DFC Intelligence reports that there are now over 3 billion video game consumers around the world.  

The GeForce NOW service allows to stream games on PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield,Chromebook, Android, and via the Safari browser on iPad and iPhone.

Gamers will have the choice of quality, selecting between Balance, Data Saver, Competitive or Custom. This can max out at 1920×1200 res, running at 60fps. With the visuals streaming at you at a bitrate of up to 50Mbps, it’ll chew through as much as 15GB per hour.

If you’ve got RTX3090 in your PC, then you’re golden, you’re already enjoying the benefits of real-time ray tracing, but most of us don’t. Thankfully due to the RTX servers, underpowered computers and devices can enjoy that tier 1 gaming experience.

The newest GeForce NOW Alliance members join a growing group of telecommunications experts that  includes Softbank, KDDI, LG Uplus, Taiwan Mobile and GFN.RU. 

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