No One Really Knows If Vision Is Alive or Dead in WandaVision

No One Really Knows If Vision Is Alive or Dead in WandaVision

  • Disney+’s new Marvel Studios limited series WandaVision is part superhero drama, but mostly plays on tropes and styles of a number of classic American sitcoms.
  • WandaVision focuses on two Marvel heroes of the last half decade: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, and Vision.
  • Marvel fans may be wondering: Wait a minute. Didn’t Vision die?

    You’re sitting down to watch WandaVision. You haven’t watched the MCU from start to finish in a while because, let’s be real—who has time to watch 23 movies? But you’re sitting down and trying to remember where things left off. WandaVision…Wanda is the witch, right? And Vision is the robot? That’s correct. Yup. But then you start thinking a little more—Vision…died? Didn’t he? Yes—you’re remembering correctly. Vision died. And how he returns to WandaVision is anyone’s guess—but it happened.

    But when WandaVision picks up, things aren’t just normal—they’re positively dandy! Vision is alive and well! Wanda is living her best life! The pair are galavanting through sitcoms and getting into all sort of wacky hijinx along the way, complete with a nosy neighbor, new friends, and some classic comic pratfalls. The first episode is done in the style of The Dick Van Dyke Show, and the second is Bewitched. Both feature Wanda and Vision in classic roles—but with just enough of a hint that something isn’t quite right. We’re not looking at reality, and both of our heroes seem to be just on the cusp of figuring that out.

    But before they figure that all out, you probably want to figure out how we got here.

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    It’s starting to become clear how Vision is back in WandaVision.

    By the time we reach Episode 5 of WandaVision, we’re starting to really get an idea of what’s happening—and how the hell Vision is alive in Westview.

    Security footage of 9 days prior to the show’s events depicts Wanda storming the SWORD headquarters, where it’s said that she stole Vision’s corpse. Episode 4, accordingly, showed a petrified Wanda talking to Vision, only to see dead Vision—Mind Stone plucked out of his head by Thanos—talking to her, rather than the lively, funny Paul Bettany Vision shown in the rest of the series.

    It really does seem like Wanda has stolen Vision’s body, and reanimated him; she didn’t accept his death at Thanos’ hands, and wants to have her life the way she wants it. We’ll see how this plays out—we could still be somewhat off—but things are definitely trending this way.

    And, oh yeah—Vision is still a sentient being in his own right. If he doesn’t want to be alive in this way, he isn’t going to be. Vision becoming aware of what’s really happening is going to be one of the climax points of WandaVision.

    You’re not misremembering—Vision definitiely died in Avengers: Infinity War.

    If you’re wondering how Vision wound up alive and embarking upon wacky superhero sitcom hijinx in WandaVision—one example: a stick of gum jams his android gears in Episode 2, leading him to be appear drunk during a magic act—you’re perfectly within your right. Not only did Vision die in Avengers: Infinity War, but he died twice.

    In fact, the majority of the movie surrounded Vision and whether he would live or die. As Thanos—the overarching villain of the MCU’s first 22 films—sought the infinity stones, and needed to own all five in order to complete his goal of destroying half of life on earth, a stone was implanted in Vision’s head. The stone was one of Tony Stark’s key ingredients in creating Vision in the first place.

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    But as Thanos’ plan became clear, Vision suggested to Scarlet Witch—whom he had become romantically involved with—that she kill him in order to destroy the stone in his head. She refused, and Captain America suggested they try to get the stone removed and destroyed in Wakanda. This failed; eventually, the only option to stop Thanos was for Scarlet Witch to kill Vision and destroy the stone. Regretfully, she followed through and did this for the good of the world.

    But Thanos still had other plans. He used the Time Stone to turn the clock back, and plucked the stone out of a once-again-alive Vision’s head, killing him for a second time. Thanos snapped half of the world out of existence, Scarlet Witch one of the many heroes erased. Vision’s body, lacking the mind stone, laid to the side, dead and discolored.

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