NIO Announce the eT7 electric sedan, with 1,000km of range, 3.9s 0-100 time and autonomous capabilities

NIO Announce the eT7 electric sedan, with 1,000km of range, 3.9s 0-100 time and autonomous capabilities

On stage at NIO Day 2020, NIO CEO, William Li revealed their next electric vehicle, the eT7. The sedan features autonomous driving sensors integrated into the body of the car.

There are lots of familiar queues, including a minimalist interior, complete with an air vent that’s adjustable through the touchscreen.

The car will also feature 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and V2X technology. There’s also some more insane features like the first 7.1.4 sound system in the car from 23 speakers.

The top model with a 150kWh battery will feature more than 1,000km of range. In terms of performance, the top model is good for a 0-100km/hr time of 3.9. That’s about half a second off the Model 3 Performance, but still very respectable.

NAD stands for NIO Autonomous Driving, will assist the car on the freeway, city and charging station. Li spoke at length on the tech included in the car, even throwing shade at Tesla’s image sensor, at just 1.2MP, while they went 6x bigger at 8MP.

There’s a new high resolution LIDAR built into the top of the windscreen, used to monitor the world around you with great detail. This is arranged in a ‘watchtower’ arrangement, with peripheral vision provided by a sensor on each side of the windscreen as well.

Nio’s autonomous driving package is known as Aquila. This includes 11 8MP Cameras, 1x 1,550nm LiDAR, 5x mmWave radar, 12x Ultrasonic sensors and 2x GPS + IMU. That impressive lineup of technology certainly sounds expensive.

These sensors are all connected to a system called Adam. This is a Nvidia-based solution that has redundant processors, much like Tesla’s FSD HW3 computer. The difference is NIO claims their computer is 7x more powerful.

It is also very interesting to see NIO announce their autonomous hardware is built into each model, and will be available as a monthly subscription, something Tesla has promised, but not yet delivered.

Price & Availability

The Nio eT7 is available for pre-order today (in China) and I really hope they bring it to Australia.

With all that tech on-board and some big batteries, ranging from 70kWh, 100kW and the mega 150kWh, the big question is.. what does the NIO ET7 cost? The answer is:

  • 70kWh – ¥448,000 (A$89,198.37)
  • 100kWh – ¥506,000 (A$100,746.37)

We didn’t get a price on the 150kWh version, but it’s easy to project that this will be well north of $100,000 in Australian dollars. To add complexity to the calculations, NIO unveiled they are working on a solid-state battery for this 150kWh edition, due at the end of 2022.

Those prices are fairly competitive and if those hardware specs are capable of everything NIO promised, it should be very competitive.

If the NIO ET7 was to come to Australia, obviously we need to add 10% GST and delivery and registration cost

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