Nikola loses 2,500 orders, cancels Refuse on the back of  Badger cancellation, what’s next?

Nikola loses 2,500 orders, cancels Refuse on the back of Badger cancellation, what’s next?

It was only in August that Nikola announced the Refuse, a truck specifically designed to cater for garbage disposal. At the time, the deal for 2,500 trucks from Republic Services made international headlines as Nikola added yet another product to their portfolio, before shipping their first to customers.

The truck was supposed to have a 720kWh battery and produce up to 1,000HP with a range of up to 150 mile range (241km). Testing was set to commence in 2022, with deliveries in 2023 and if things went well, there was a chance of an additional 2,500 orders.

The news today of the cancellation of Nikola’s Refuse, comes on the back of the recent cancellation of the Nikola Badger after General Motors withdrew from the deal and instead signed a simple supply agreement.

While being very public about the environmentally friend announcement with Nikola 4 months ago, you won’t find any details of this cancellation on the social channels for Republic Services, so it remains unclear if they’re committed to the electrification of their fleet.

As for Nikola, they have removed all reference to the Refuse from their site, with the previous URL, now linking to a 404 page, it seems Nikola was quick tor remove the refuse from their site. It is clear Nikola weren’t much further than a 3D render with the Refuse, with no attempt made to sell the truck to any of the other rubbish disposal companies around the world.

Strangely the also cancelled Badger remains present on the site.

The front page of Nikola’s website now features just 2 products, the all-electric Tre, which as recently been seen testing in the US and the Two which is their first Hydrogen-powered vehicle. Buried in the menus are pages for their Powersports line, the NZT, Reckless and Wav which raises the question, which unreleased product will be next

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