New South Wales invests $106M in single EMR system

New South Wales invests $106M in single EMR system

The government of New South Wales has set aside a total of AU$30.2 billion ($22.8 billion) in its 2021-2022 budget for NSW Health, the state’s ministry of health.

Among budget items under the Health Cluster, an initiative to unify NSW’s present EMR solutions is getting $141 million ($106.3 million) “to enhance care coordination, further digitisation, improve patient experience and increase service sustainability”.


The initiative refers to the Single Digital Patient Record (SDPR) system project, which envisions a “single, holistic, statewide view of every patient – and for that information to be readily accessible to anyone involved in the patient’s care”, according to Dr Zoran Bolevich, chief information officer of NSW Health.

NSW Health said in December that the SDPR will consolidate the geographically fragmented health record systems in the state, including the Patient Administration System (PAS), the Electronic Medical Record (eMR) and the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), into a unified platform.

The single EMR platform will help clinicians get “better informed”, while patients will have a “more seamless” care experience. “It will give patients the confidence that regardless of where they live or which service they attend, their information will be available to their treating clinicia

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