Musk says Tesla’s Autonomous Full Self-Driving system will be far safer than humans this year (2021)

Musk says Tesla’s Autonomous Full Self-Driving system will be far safer than humans this year (2021)

When will we have self-driving cars? That’s difficult to say for sure, but Elon Musk’s latest tweet, gives us a timeline to base our expectations upon.

Responding to a post from George Hotz who runs Comma, also in the autonomous vehicle game, Musk confirmed that he is confident that we’ll see Tesla vehicles driving (using FSD) at a level that is far safer than humans by the end of 2021.

Tesla Full Self-Driving will work at a safety level well above that of the average driver this year, of that I am confident. Can’t speak for regulators though.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 2, 2021

Musk provided the caveat around regulation, which is the great unknown. Armed with a fist full of evidence to provide that Tesla vehicles are safer than humans should present an incredibly compelling case, but those creating legislation don’t always follow logic.

As for the $10K bet that we’ll reach full level 5 autonomy, where the driver is not responsible for the car, Musk decided to leave that well alone.


Hutz has since replied to Elon’s post, saying he’ll buy a Model 3 with FSD. It makes lots of sense for a company working on autonomous driving, to keep an eye on the competition. When that competition is the market leader, that makes even more sense.

I’m fine with that as the bet. We’ll buy a Model 3 with FSD. l’ll supervise it driving me around for a month next January, no disengagement you win, any safety disengagement or user action required to get to destination we win. Will post video proof to claim. Deal?

— comma (@comma_ai) January 2, 2021

As we know from commitments in the past, Autonomy was originally planned to be delivered in 2019, then 2020, now 2021. With a staggered rollout around the world, its likely many parts of the world will not see this until 2022.

The rollout and expansion of the FSD beta program will be very telling in terms of how far along Tes

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