Much WOW! Daytona Nissan now accepting Dogecoin (kind of)

Much WOW! Daytona Nissan now accepting Dogecoin (kind of)

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February 10, 2021

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrency is increasing and the latest example is Daytona Nissan. The Florida-based Nissan dealer announced today that they will be accepting Dogecoin (with some pretty heavy caveats).

Earlier this week, Tesla famously invested US$1.5 billion into Bitcoin, while also announcing they were looking to enable vehicle purchases using the digital currency.

As the price of crypto rises, its not surprising businesses are moving to support payment with an appreciating asset. These are volatile, so there are certainly risks in accepting it, which explains when the terms and conditions on this are fairly extensive.

*Do to the high volatility of DogeCoin, we recommend that you convert your DogeCoin to USD within your preferred trading platform. However, Dogecoin is accepted, but only for down payment and up to an equivalent US Dollar value of $5,000 based at the time of transaction of current market value.

Please consult a tax expert on the use of cryptocurrency to purchase items. Dealer is

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