Mid-Season Invitational Betting Odds » The best odds for MSI 2021

Mid-Season Invitational Betting Odds » The best odds for MSI 2021

Find the best MSI betting odds right here with our selection from markets across all betting providers. Our analysis of the best MSI LoL odds contains the most valuable picks for the upcoming Group Stage, and some Outright picks we can make budget predictions on.

We will try to give you options from multiple esports betting sites, and cover as many different betting markets possible. The goal as usual is to making a solid return on our investments while not breaking our bank, as we take a look at some safe and not-so-safe bets on offer.

Mid-Season Invitational Odds:


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Outrights & Singles Bet

Outrights and Singles bets are the easist way to starting betting on MSI. We have covered this method in our MSI Betting Tips, and mentioned three common markets you can place a bet on in this category. Now its time to look at the MSI odds available, and make our predictions in several markets.

Bet #1: MSI Outrights

Category: Winners Group

Selection: Group C

Odds: 1.55 @ Betway

Bet #2: Match Winner

Match: Pentanet.GG vs Unicorns of Love

Selection: Pentanet.GG

Odds: 2.73 @ GG.Bet

Bet #3: MSI 2021 Winner

Category: Outright Winner

Selection: DWG KIA

Odds: 1.6 @ GG.Bet

Bet #4: MSI Outights

Category: Team to reach final

Selection: MAD Lions

Odds: 6Buff.bet

MSI Odds

MSI LoL Odds for Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets with the MSI 2021 teams are the main way we hope to make big profits this season. The length of your betslip is usually limited by how many matches are offered ahead of each competitive day. There is a minimum of six matches played every day with the MSI schedule known well ahead of time.

Currently, the MSI betting odds allowed for at least ten fold returns on our investment, with relatively simple accumulator bet slips. The initial stages of the event are a lot easier to predict as well, while the Rumble and Knockout stage will see predicting increase in difficulty.

Based on our MSI power rankings, we will go with a conservative betslip for the first day of competition. After that, we will update this section almost daily with a fresh new bet slip for you to place at your favorite provider.

DWG Kia vs Cloud9 DWG KIA to win @ 1.22
Infinity vs DetonatioN FocusMe Infinity to win @ 2.20
Pentanet.gg vs Unicorns of Love Pentanet.gg to win @ 3.00
Istanbul Wildcats vs paiN Gaming Istanbul Wildcats to win @ 1.72
MAD Lions vs PSG Talon MAD Lions to win @1.57

MSI Betting Odds for System Bets

System bets have an infinite amount of combinations an opportunities. Availability of markets and the option to combine exotics with outrights is key when selecting where to place a bet. Our Group Stage system bet will have 5/6 selections.

Cloud9 vs DetonatioN FocusMe Cloud9 to win @ 1.22
Istanbul Wildcats vs MAD Lions MAD Lions to win @ 1.33
PaiN Gaming vs PSG Talon PSG Talon to win @ 1.35
Infinity Esports vs Cloud9 Cloud9 to win @ 1.22
PaiN Gaming vs MAD Lions MAD Lions to win @ 1.22
Istanbul Wildcats vs PSG Talon PSG Talon to win @ 1.35
SYSTEM BET 5/6 5$ per combination (30$) 103$

If you manage to create an interesting system bet at any of our featured betting sites, drop us a comment and we will feature it in this section.

MSI Odds for Special Bets

Our special bets selection will consist of valuable exotics found among the special selection options at bookmakers. Some of this markets have complex and unique selections you can use to spice up your portfolio ahead of the event. MSI LoL odds are fixed for this selections ahead of the event starting so its a good choice to place them as early as possible. Additionally, several of this selections will become void after the first match is completed so place your bets while you can.

We have selected three potential special bets for your consideration:

Bet #1: MSI 2021 Specials

Market: #Betyourway

Selection: DWG KIA to go unbeaten in Group Stage

Odds: 2 @ Betway

Bet #2: In-Game Objective Specials

Market: Map 1 Team to Slay the First Baron

Match: Pentanet.gg vs Unicorns of Love

Selection: Pentanet.gg

Odds: 2.81 @ Unikrn

Bet #3: Total Kills Special

Match: Detonation FocusMe vs Cloud9

Selection: Under 23.5

Odds: 2.08 @ Buff.bet

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that our entire list of MSI Odds and LoL betting odds in general, are only scraping the surface and there is plenty of markets to discover across different providers. Those getting into LoL betting for the first time can read our League of Legends Gambling guide for more insight.

The Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Group Stage begins on May 6th at 15:00 CET. For specific match to match breakdowns and in-depth analysis refer to our Esports News section.

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