Mesh Tops Are Taking Over Every Cool Girl’s Closet This Spring

Mesh Tops Are Taking Over Every Cool Girl’s Closet This Spring

If there’s one item of clothing millennials and Gen Z’ers can agree on these days, it’s a mesh top. The skin-baring style isn’t exactly new, but with nostalgic fashion taking over Instagram and TikTok, it seems like the ’90s staple is officially back—and just in time for spring. 

Like tissue turtlenecks, these stretchy next-to-naked tops conform to your body, giving you a second-skin look and feel that’s cozy and sexy at the same time. And whether you snag it in a short-sleeve or long-sleeve cut, because the material is so thin, mesh tops are the perfect transitional layer to wear if you’re done with chunky knits but not quite ready to enter tank top territory.

You may be thinking, I could never make a mesh top work—but before you write the style off as something only Bella Hadid or Addison Rae would have in her closet, consider the endless styling potential these gauzy layers have: You can layer them under grandpa vests and slip dresses or wear one over a long-line bralette—you can even throw a half-zip sweater on top of a whisper-thin turtleneck and have it peek out from under. As for those psychedelic prints you’re seeing all over your timeline—just throw on a pair of relaxed wide-leg pants and you have a look that’s primed for a Zoom flex. 

As we gear up for spring, it’s clear that sheer tops are a new closet workhorse. Shop 11 of our must-have picks below.

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