Lowland League to decide on admitting Celtic and Rangers B teams

Lowland League to decide on admitting Celtic and Rangers B teams

Rangers colts reached the semi-finals of last season's Challenge Cup
Rangers colts reached the semi-finals of last season’s Challenge Cup

A meeting of all Lowland League clubs will decide on Monday if they wish to allow ‘B’ teams from Rangers and Celtic into the league for season 2021-22.

Both Glasgow clubs will have an opportunity to state their case at the evening meeting before the clubs then decide whether to allow them to join.

All 17 Lowland League clubs are expected to attend and intimate which way they would vote prior to this month’s annual general meeting.

The AGM would ratify a ‘yes’ majority.

Monday’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 19:30 BST and conclude at 21:00.

Last week, the Lowland League held “productive” talks with Celtic and Rangers over a one-season invite.

A recent plan for Old Firm colts to play in a 16-team Scottish League 2 next season failed to attract enough support.

Both ‘B’ sides have competed in the Scottish Challenge Cup – along with Under-21 teams from all Premiership clubs – since 2018-19.

The Lowland and Highland Leagues are the fifth tier of Scottish football, with the champions of each division playing each other for the right to face League 2’s bottom club in the play-off final.

The importance of the pyramid “will be unaffected by this plan”, said Lowland League chairman George Fraser last week.

He added: “It is clear from the discussions we have had that both Celtic and Rangers are looking for a league to put their ‘B’ teams into where they can develop as players.

“Hopefully, this will result in an exciting outcome which is a clear demonstration of the Lowland League leading the way in how to modernise our football structures for the benefit of all.”

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