Lex Fridman takes a ride with Comma.ai’s autonomous solution

Lex Fridman takes a ride with Comma.ai’s autonomous solution

AI researcher and podcast host Lex Fridman, has interviewed some of the top minds in the field of autonomous vehicles and AI.

Lex teaches Deep learning at MIT and also focuses on human to robot interaction. While his interviews are fascinating and entertaining, his latest video is from a drive he took with Comma.ai founder George Hotz.

Throughout the 17 minute video, Lex questions George on Comma’s functionality, what works well, what doesn’t, which provides insight into where the platform is currently at.

Comma.ai uses computer vision to understand the environment around it, however, the solution is sold as an aftermarket add-on to existing vehicles. Commai.ai’s approach to autonomous driving uses driver monitoring to track the alertness of the driver, which enables hands-free driving.

As an increasing number of autonomous driving solutions move to offer hands-free driving, by implementing driver monitoring, it does put pressure on Tesla to offer the same, particularly if they want FSD and Autopilot to be considered the best in everyway.

Currently, Tesla’s requires the driver to feed pressure into the wheel registering the driver is there, paying attention through a torque sensor. Reminders to provide this data point to the car, occur every 30-40 seconds.

Currently GM’s SuperCruise offer’s hands-free driving, as will Ford’s upcoming tech in the Mach-E with Active Drive Assist. With Comma.ai also in the race, I feel we’re pretty close to Tesla needing to respond to this. While Elon may be keen to leapfrog the need to pay attention at all, it seems promises we’d see Level 5 by the end of 2020 are far from reality.

One example is when Hotz details his favourite feature – long trips. He explains that you just sit there and watch, with the technology currently at a point where a drive fro

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