‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Getting Worked Up Over a Champion’s ‘Annoying’ Habit

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Getting Worked Up Over a Champion’s ‘Annoying’ Habit

As one of the longest-running game shows on TV, Jeopardy! has its set traditions and rules contestants must respect. But when someone goes against said traditions, like contestant Matt Amodio did recently, sometimes fans at home can get a little testy.

Viewers were first introduced to Matt last Wednesday when Good Morning America coanchor Robin Roberts was guest hosting the beloved quiz show. Since then, Reading Rainbow star LeVar Burton has taken her place at the lectern. Day after day, the Computer Science Ph.D student from New Haven, Connecticut has been dominating the competition, earning the title of Jeopardy! champion along the way.

Although Matt is currently on an impressive six game winning streak, folks watching at home couldn’t help but notice that he doesn’t use “who” when the answer is a person and instead says “what” for every subject. For instance, in last night’s fiction category, a clue read: “His Licks of Love short story collection also includes the novella Rabbit Remembered.” Matt answered, “What’s Updike?”

Though Matt came up with the correct person, fans tuning in at home had a difficult time looking past the contestant’s choice of words. (Watch the moment below at 0:36 minute.)

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“He seriously said ‘what’s Updike?’ You can’t say that!!” one person wrote. “Ugh! Can someone please teach Matt that a PERSON IS A ‘WHO’, NOT a ‘What’s’?! So annoying!!” another added. “Besides the who what thing, his answers are clipped or incomplete. It is annoying,” a different said fan said in part.

At the same time, other people didn’t mind the way Matt answered and instead focused on how great he was playing. “People here are getting annoyed at how Matt responds to clues, but I’m a fan: that guy is seriously good at @jeopardy and he’s not afraid to go all-in on the DD. I look forwarding to seeing him again in the ToC!” a follower commented. “Seriously the best part of my day is wait

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