Is Teen Mom 2‘s Jade Really ‘Done’ With Sean Once And For All?

Is Teen Mom 2‘s Jade Really ‘Done’ With Sean Once And For All?

Jade and Sean celebrated their daughter Kloie’s birthday on tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode, but, sadly, the two could not contain their negative feelings toward each other and fought at their now-three-year-old’s party dinner.

“I’m done. I want him out of my house,” Jade told her mother Christy and producer post-bickering.

But what led to this firm statement at what was supposed to be a happy occasion? At first, the mini bash (which included Christy and her husband Corey) felt positive: Kloie gleefully opened presents from her grandma, and everyone enthusiastically sang “Happy Birthday.” But the mood immediately soured when Christy brought up preschool.

“She’s three,” Jade began. “She misses going to her daycare, but he’s been sitting at home, so why would I pay to send her daycare?”

Sean’s response: “Well, I’m about to not be. I’m going to go back to school.”

“You can go to school and you can have a job. You can do school not even full-time,” Jade countered, while Christy seemed supportive.

But Sean wanted to figure this out for himself and wasn’t receptive to Jade’s suggestions.

“I want to do it how I want to do it. I want be able to control something,” he said in an agitated tone.

Jade objected to the mention of “control” — and noted that all he was planning on was getting a high school diploma.

“You can go!” she snapped, and he answered, “I wish I could.”

After he called her a “control freak” and she told him he could “go to hell,” Jade spoke with her mother away from the table.

“I have a kid that I have to take care of — I don’t want to take care of a 30-year-old man who treats me like dog sh*t every day,” an emotional Jade said. “I’m f*cking miserable. He talks sh*t to me constantly, calls me names, talks about my f*cking weight.”

At then she claimed she was “done.” But do you think she really is finished with Sean? And if so, how will the two move forward and co-parent Kloie? Tell us what you think, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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