Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular Lenses

Vivien Williams: There are some things about aging you just can’t control. Take your eyesight, for example. You can fight it, but after age 40, the fine print on restaurant menus gets hard to read. And as you continue to mature, cataracts can form. But now, doctors are implanting lenses that can correct these things and even more. Here is the latest from Mayo Clinic.

Edyth Taylor is having cataract surgery. Her vision is such that it’s hard for her to read the numbers on a clock.

Edyth Taylor, cataract surgery patient: I could guess. It’s about five after 1:00.

Dharmendra Patel, M.D.—Mayo Clinic ophthalmology: But it’s hazy?

Edyth Taylor: But it’s hazy.

Dharmendra Patel, M.D.: And this is sharper?

Edyth Taylor: Oh yeah. That’s as clear as can be.

Dharmendra Patel, M.D.: OK. Well, we’re going to try to match it up so that your vision is equal in both eyes.

Vivien Williams: Edyth’s already had one eye done. Now it’s time for the other. Dr. Dharmendra Patel says the new lenses he’s implanting will take care of the cloudiness caused by the cataract, p

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