inb4 “Not our problem if your laptop breaks while charging”

inb4 “Not our problem if your laptop breaks while charging”

One of the most convenient features these days is USB-C charging. If you lost your original AC charging adapter for your laptop or don’t feel like carrying one around, then you can swap to almost any third-party USB-C charger instead. Having just one tiny charger for your smartphone, laptop, and Nintendo Switch is a blessing when traveling especially with family or friends.

Asus’ latest gaming laptop, the Zephyrus Duo 15 SE, supports charging via a proprietary 240/280 W barrel AC adapter or generic USB-C adapter up to 100 W. The barrel adapter in the packaging, however, includes a huge yellow sticker with the following message:

Use only the bundled power adapter to charge the battery and supply power to your Notebook PC.

Since the packaging includes no USB-C adapter, the label implies that owners shouldn’t charge their new Zephyrus laptops via USB-C. Why include USB-C charging support in the first place if you don’t want owners to use it? 

Thankfully, an Asus spokesperson has clarified to us the original intention of the contradicting message. The label is apparently referring to the barrel AC adapter only and not any USB-C adapters. In other words, owners should not charge their Zephyrus laptops with any barrel chargers other than the one included in the box. USB-C charging with generic adapters remains safe albeit at a slower charge rate, of course.

The practicality of the label is still questionable. Not only is it a huge eyesore with an ambiguously written warning, no other laptop makers include similar messages on their laptops. Or, if they do, then it would be written on their user manuals. Either way, Asus’ approach here probably isn’t the best way to get the point across to new owners.

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