Idiot Super Bowl Streaker Fails to Get In Endzone, Why Did You Slide?!

Idiot Super Bowl Streaker Fails to Get In Endzone, Why Did You Slide?!

Super Bowl 55
Idiot Streaker Fails to Get In Endzone!!
… Why Did You Slide?!

2/7/2021 7:27 PM PT

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The worst performance of the Super Bowl goes to the moron who got in the field and tried to make a run for the end zone … AND BLEW IT ON THE 1 YARD LINE!

The idiot — wearing a 1-piece pink thong womens bathing suit — somehow got around stadium security and made his way onto the field in the 4th quarter as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs desperately tried to mount a comeback against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The CBS broadcast cut away from the field invader seconds into his run — but fans in the stands caught the whole thing … including the bitter end.

The fan started off strong — making a few defender miss with some nifty spin moves … before running into a wall of security toward the Chiefs end zone.

But he couldn’t complete the run — instead, he slid, giving himself up ON THE 1.

In all seriousness, this dude is a moron — and the fact he got close to players, refs, security and others while we’re all still in a pandemic is stupid and irresponsible.

Cops ultimately corralled the guy and walked him off the field in handcuffs.

Plus, he was wearing shorts … so he wasn’t even a real streaker.

Basically, bro … you’re the worst. Enjoy the jail cell.

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