I Lost More Than 40 Pounds and Got Fit Without Giving Up Any of My Favorite Foods

I Lost More Than 40 Pounds and Got Fit Without Giving Up Any of My Favorite Foods

Kari Kadak, 38, shares the changes he made to his lifestyle which helped him lose weight and get fit, and how working out and eating healthy with his partner helped him to stay motivated during the pandemic.

10 years ago, I rode dirt bikes and I went to the gym a few times a week. Then I had a serious accident that damaged one of the nerves in my spine. Doctors told me that I might not be able to walk any more, and I had to do something fast as my left leg muscles were getting weaker every day. I decided not to have surgery; instead I started doing some weight training mixed with home stretching exercises that helped me to cure my back. However, I then began to gain weight.

I have always loved to eat well, but always chose healthy, organic ingredients. I would say that my problem was that I could not control my appetite, portion sizes, and could not find nutritional balance. I always had a little bit too much sourdough bread, or a few scoops too of ice cream too many, or I should have stopped with one Negroni cocktail but I always had maybe one or two more.

A couple of years and two kids later, I started traveling a lot with my family. Our work requires it. I couldn’t find the rhythm of how to eat, how to move, or work out correctly. I hated the idea of wasting time doing something and not understanding the impact of it. I was constantly experimenting with different approaches, such as classical weight training and CrossFit combined with the Paleo and keto diets. I lost weight, but also all my muscle mass but at the same time, while my fat percentage stayed the same. To top everything, I ended up with knee surgery that led again to weight gain. No no matter what I did, my weight climbed slowly up, until I was 110 kg (242 pounds).

It all changed in 2019 November, when I joined the Ultimate Performance LiveUp program. I had tried many approaches before, so for me

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