How to get TheGrefg skin in Fortnite

How to get TheGrefg skin in Fortnite

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Spanish Fortnite streamer and YouTuber, TheGrefg, will finally receive a Fortnite Icon Series skin after over a year of waiting.


14 hours ago


After over a year of anticipation, Spanish YouTuber and streamer, TheGrefg, will finally be getting his own skin in Fortnite.

It’s been a long time coming for the most popular Spanish Fortnite player on the internet, David ‘TheGrefg’ Martinez Canovas. He was included in the first announcement of the Fortnite Icon Series, only to be surpassed by several other content creators and celebrities.

Ninja, Loserfruit, Travis Scott, and Lachlan all received Fortnite skins before TheGrefg, with other creators like Pokimane and Jordan Fisher receiving emotes.

Now, after over a year of waiting, TheGrefg will be showcasing his upcoming Fortnite skin on Monday, January 11 at 20:00 CEST.

Presentación Oficial de mi Skin de Fortnite en directo.

Lunes 11 de Enero a las 20:00 (CEST).

Os comparto con mucha emoción, EL PRIMER TEASER.


— Grefg =) (@TheGrefg) January 7, 2021

As is the case with most Fortnite Icon Series skins, TheGrefg and his fellow creators will have access to the skin a day or two before it hits the Item Shop. You can watch his Twitch stream for an early glimpse at the skin.

We’ll update this post when we get an official model for the skin. For now, all we have is the teaser image that he provided on Twitter.

As for when TheGrefg’s skin will be available, we’d guess that it will come to the shop on January 12-14. Fans of the streamer should keep their eyes peeled for more news.

Epic Games

Epic Games have confirmed that they’re working to address community pay-to-win concerns regarding Fortnite superhero skins.


10 hours ago


January 8, 2021

Epic Games developers have responded to player requests regarding the all-black variant of the customizable superhero skins.

Fortnite is no stranger to pay-to-win controversies. The first came in the form of the Deep Dab emote, which allowed players to duck under windows and get free shots on their opponents.

After that were the Plastic Patroller and Toy Trooper skins. These skins blended in with the grassy background of the map, making them far more difficult to see than the brightly-colored alternatives.

Thankfully, Epic fixed both of these problems by adding a delay to emotes and dirt to the toy soldier skins. Now, though, they’re facing a similar controversy with the customizable superhero skins.

Reddit and Twitter users have recently noticed something that competitive Fortnite players knew since these skins first hit the Item Shop: the all-black versions are difficult to see.

The problem has only gotten worse, as recent Fortnite updates have made the nighttime even darker. Console players don’t have the option to turn off shadows, which means finding these corner-campers is nearly impossible for them.

In all seriousness, this should be addressed sooner rather than later.

These 3 images show how difficult is to see the all-black superhero skins in Fortnite.

Remember, console players can’t turn shadows off.

We trust Epic to do the right thing. Remember Toy Soldier & Deep Dab

— Fortnite News (@FortniteINTEL) January 7, 2021

Following the outcry on Reddit and social media, the developers responded to a thread, calling for them to fix the issue.

Epic Games staff member, u/gstaffEpic, told Redditors, “We’re looking at it. Thanks everyone for raising it.”

We assume that a fix for this problem is coming sooner rather than later. In the past, Epic have always been quick to address community concerns when it comes to pay-to-win items. They changed all of the other troublesome cosmetics throughout Fortnite, and we expect their handling of the superhero skins to be the same.

Unfortunately, it seems like the easiest fix would be to disable solid-colored superhero skins. We hope this doesn’t happen, but it would be better than all-black pay-to-win skins hiding in corners around the map.


Here are the best places to find and destroy three Motorboats for the Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 challenges.


1 day ago


January 7, 2021

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 is here. Take a look at the best locations to destroy Motorboats of one of the weekly quests.

The challenges – or quests – in Fortnite Season 5 have returned to those we saw in the early days of Chapter 1. Sure, we had to dig up some gnomes last week, but most of the challenges only require you to play the game.

There is always an exception or two each week, with one of the challenges requiring players to destroy three Motorboats. This challenge seems relatively easy at first, but it will force you to stand out in the open, shooting or pickaxing Motorboats until they explode.

Since this challenge requires you to make yourself vulnerable, it’s best to land at a spot where Motorboats are plentiful. Here’s a map of all of the Motorboat spawns in Season 5.

As always, it’s best to go for challenges like this one in Team Rumble. Motorboats still spawn in this mode, and you can destroy three of them by landing at Dirty Docks, Craggy Cliffs, and Coral Castle.

You can take a look at the full list of Season 5 Week 6 challenges here. Good luck grabbing those Battle Pass tiers!

Map created with

Epic Games

Fortnite players have noticed that this skin combination gives players a competitive advantage. They’re now calling this skin ‘pay-to-win.’


2 days ago


January 7, 2021

Fortnite players are calling for Epic to nerf the all-black superhero skins, calling them ‘pay-to-win.’

In Season 4, Epic introduced a skin set that arguably offered the best value in the game. The customizable superhero skins let players choose different colors, materials, and styles – making several unique outfits out of a single skin.

The community loved this addition for a while. Several players had locker presets filled with this single skin, as the options were seemingly endless.

After a while, ‘sweaty’ Fortnite players noticed that one particular combination of colors offered them a distinct advantage. The black-on-black superhero skins are incredibly difficult to see, especially with shadows enabled.

All-black superhero skins are nearly invisible if you have shadows turned on, as all console players do by default.


Credit: u/FkLemons

— Fortnite News (@FortniteINTEL) January 4, 2021

This is even more of an issue for console players, who don’t have the option to turn shadows off in their graphics settings.

Fortnite had a similar problem with the Plastic Patroller skin set more than a year ago. These all-green skins allowed players to blend in with the grassy environment, forcing Epic to add dirt to them to make them stand out.

These all-black superhero skins might be worse than their predecessors. You can blend in anywhere with these skins – not just in the grass.

At this point, it’s hard to argue that all-black superhero skins aren’t pay-to-win. They give players who purchased the skin a distinct advantage – something that Epic Games have always been against.

It’s only a matter of time before Epic take action on this issue, but we don’t know what they would do. The development team would have to prevent players from selecting all-black variants in some way, but the all-white variant has a similar issue in the snow biome.

Of course, these two combinations should ruin solid-color superhero skins for everyone, but they might.

This isn’t the last we’ll hear of the topic, so we’ll keep you posted when we learn more. For now, make sure to check every corner when looting a house. You never know if there’s a sneaky superhero hiding in a corner.

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