Hisense VIDAA U5 smart TV OS speeds up by 20%, some will run Android OS

Hisense VIDAA U5 smart TV OS speeds up by 20%, some will run Android OS

Hisense Australia has announced that it will launch a new version of its Smart TV OS in 2021. VIDAA U5 will up to 20% faster, making it much easier for us to switch between apps, dive into settings and more.

Hisense says their VIDAA U5 will be available across the majority of the Australian TV range in 2021.

Another nice inclusion is the addition of another streaming app, picking up the including leading sports streaming platform, Kayo, thanks to a new content partnership.

“Australians’ use of smart devices has accelerated this year, particularly with connectivity and content becoming a key part of our lives as we spent more time at home with family, enjoying the entertainment and light relief offered by our Smart TVs.

At Hisense Australia we strive to continually improve and update our smart TV offering to ensure our customers have the best user experience possible. 2021 is no exception and we are very pleased to be introducing VIDAA U5.

From advanced voice control functionality to the addition of new apps that will be a gateway to hours of new content, VIDAA U5 aims to make TV viewing easier and more enjoyable than ever,” he added.

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

Optimised user experience

Improvements to the system’s interface, performance and speed will significantly enhance ease of use, with VIDAA U5 boasting a 20 per cent faster launcher load time of just 1.7 seconds, smoother scrolling and a new optimised universal search.

A more compact and visual layout also improves the user experience by exposing more content on the screen to decrease the user’s browsing time. 

“We anticipate the faster, more responsive OS interface offered by VIDAA U5 will be positively received by content-hungry Aussies, especially considering there will be even more entertainment and sports content to browse on the platform in the new year,”

Chris Mayer Product Specialist and National Retail Training Manager at Hisense Australia.

The first of many new apps to feature on VIDAA U5 next year will be Kayo, in line with Hisense’s long-term passion for sport. Boasting the biggest line-up of Australian and international sports, Kayo offers new and live sports content as well as historic r

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