FSD Beta 9.1 update has been released build 2021.4.18.13, time to see what’s new

FSD Beta 9.1 update has been released build 2021.4.18.13, time to see what’s new

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July 31, 2021

Tesla’s latest update to their Full Self Driving Beta has been released and those in the early group of testers (around 2,000), some of which are able to post publicly, are downloading FSD Beta 9.1 now.

The new build is 2021.4.18.13 and based on an email to members of the Early Access program, the update is said to include ‘minor bug fixes and improvements’.

This new release of FSD will inevitably spawn a new round of YouTube Videos from participants, testing the new release to see what’s changed.

This is the first update since FSD 9.0 arrived, which seen a lengthy 4+ month delay between releases. This was associated with Tesla focused on vision-only and removing radar. This is understood to be a fundamental shift in the approach, leveraging computer vision in AI in a more substantial way. With this out of the way, it is now interesting to watch how rapidly Tesla can ship improvements to their FSD package.


James Locke has now completed the install and has published the release notes for FSD Beta 9.1. These appear to be a repeat of what we seen in the 9.0 release, highlighting the updated UI and cabin camera is being used to monitor beta drivers to ensure they’re paying attention.

Update 2

We’re now getting the first reports from FSD Beta users of what’s changed. Reports indicate that the car’s confidence in making turns and the smoothness in which it performs those turns has really improved. One issue that had been present previously, was the car would hug the right shoulder and that now appears to

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