Free music service Uppbeat offers beats for YouTubers & content creators to avoid take downs

Free music service Uppbeat offers beats for YouTubers & content creators to avoid take downs

If you’re a content creator, regularly creating videos on YouTube, Instagram, or even TikTok, then chances are, you’ve struggled to find great free, royalty-free music.

Uppbeat, a new music platform, designed to solve this very challenge. YouTubers and content creators can now get high-quality, legitimate music for free, to enhance their videos.    

YouTube channels are rife with reports of takedowns due to copyright claims. Regardless of the size of your following, we all share one common problem: finding quality music, without fear of the video being taken down.

In order to avoid copyright claims, and loss of YouTube ad revenue, some users have turned to pricey music license subscriptions, uninspiring Creative Commons music, or YouTube Audio Library’s clunky interface.

Now, with the launch of Uppbeat, YouTubers and content creators can enjoy a free music platform built from the ground up for the creator community.

From travel vlogs, comedy sketches, or background beats for tutorial videos, Uppbeat’s diverse catalog and curated playlists are designed to perfectly complement all types of content.

The platform launched today with over 900 registered tracks from indie artists, producers and composers from around the world, including the likes of Pryces, Genuine Colour and Danijel Zambo, whose music has been used in vlogs from famous YouTube personality Casey Neistat.

Uppbeat’s free users can download ten full-length tracks per month, which they can freely use in YouTube videos without risking copyright claims.

Alternatively the serivce also offers a paid subscription for a Premium account (US$6.99pm) that provides unlimited and unrestricted access to Uppbeat’s catalog, as well as the ability to whitelist YouTube channels and preempt any future copyright claims.

Lots of you asking how on earth Uppbeat is free. 🤯 We pool Uppbeat Premium subs with other revenue & pay our artists everytime you download their music, whether that’s for free or with a Premium account.

— Uppbeat (@UppbeatOfficial) January 18, 2021

 “Uppbeat is the music platform that creators have been waiting for. The lack of affordable copyright-free music has been an obstacle in the content creator space for fa

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