Fortnite skin being called ‘pay-to-win’ after this cool trick

Fortnite skin being called ‘pay-to-win’ after this cool trick


Fortnite Season 5 has yet another pay-to-win situation, this time in Kit’s Cantina with the Breakpoint skin.


14 hours ago


Fortnite Breakpoint skin

Fortnite Season 5 is no stranger to pay-to-win controversies. This one is probably more creative than any other we’ve seen.

Another “pay-to-win” controversy is plaguing Fortnite, but this one is a lot more fun than those we’ve seen in the past.

For those who don’t remember, Fortnite recently went through a pay-to-win debacle with the customizable superhero skins.

The all-black variants were very difficult to see in low-light situations. Epic later changed these cosmetics and eventually disabled them in competitive modes when players found a workaround for the nerf.

Fortnite black superhero skins

Now, Fortnite is facing another pay-to-win situation, but Epic aren’t likely to take action, here. This all revolves around a new Fortnite map feature with an old skin.

Epic added Kit’s Cantina to the Fortnite map in a recent update. At this POI, you’ll find a hologram on the stage, thanking the crowd. The hologram is doing the Accolades emote, which players can purchase from the Item Shop.

A skin called Breakpoint also looks like a hologram. Naturally, TikToker korc1e put two and two together by syncing the emote and hiding inside of the hologram for some free eliminations.

This strategy picked up steam on TikTok and Reddit, eventually getting the attention of creators like SypherPK. Sypher made a video, abusing the synced emote and getting some kills on unsuspecting players.

This is a relatively benign pay-to-win controversy and will probably be out of the game in Season 6. Even if it’s still there, Epic could easily fix the exploit by removing the hologram.

This might be the last we see of this situation, but you should keep an eye out while rummaging around Kit’s Cantina. Mando might not be the only person that’s waiting to kill you.


The pay-to-win superhero skins are back in Fortnite Season 5 after the v15.30 patch. Here’s how to get them.


1 week ago


February 2, 2021

In the Fortnite Season 5 v15.30 update, Epic made a change to the so-called “pay-to-win” Superhero skins. Within hours of the changes, players have already found away around the new nerf.

Epic have a long history of being quick to fix pay-to-win cosmetic items in Fortnite. The most recent action they took was on the Superhero skins that players gave this title.

For those who don’t know, the all-black superhero skins were incredibly difficult to see in low-light situations. This was particularly difficult for console players, who don’t have the option to turn shadows off.

The all-white superhero skins were tough to see in the snow biome but presented a smaller problem than the all-black variant. Either way, Epic took aim at these color combinations in v15.30.

Fortnite black superhero skins

The nerf disabled players from using all-white or all-black colors for their skins. Only hours after the patch went live, though, Fortnite creator Glitch King made a video on how to get around the recent nerf.

There’s no real explanation as to why this works, but you can change one of the colors to a dark blue, change the other to black, and then change the first back to black – getting around the nerf.

That may have been a convoluted explanation, so just watch Glitch King’s video tutorial, below.

Obviously, this isn’t intended and will be changed by Epic soon. Still, it seems as though Superhero sweats have bought themselves an extra week or two of low-visibility gameplay.

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not Epic plan a fix for this issue. We expect to see it added back to the Trello board soon.


Fortnite players have already found an exploit that allows you to turn invisible for an entire match with Predator’s Cloaking Device.


3 weeks ago


January 20, 2021

Fortnite predator

It was only a matter of time before Fortnite players found a way to exploit the Predator Cloaking Device with an infinite invisibility glitch.

Predator and his Mythic Cloaking Device have only been in the game for a few hours, but YouTuber Glitch King has already found a way to extend the invisibility effect throughout an entire match.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that this new item led to an exploit like this, but we are surprised at how fast it happened.

Fortnite predator

The glitch seems relatively easy to complete, which is a shame. The easier a glitch is, the more people will use it. This one is particularly broken because no one will be able to see you for an entire match.

The glitch involved using the Cloaking Device and unplugging your internet. After reconnecting, you should remain invisible for the duration of the match.

Even though the glitch seems rather simple, it probably won’t affect the game too much. The Predator will be very difficult to kill for at least a week with so much action going on at Stealthy. Most players won’t go out of their way to disconnect and reconnect their internet.

Still, it’s possible that Epic will disable the new mythic while they work on finding a fix for the issue. We’ll keep you posted if we learn more.


Fortnite players find another teleportation glitch that allows them to instantly steal high-ground from opponents.


2 months ago


December 22, 2020

A new Fortnite glitch allows players to instantly teleport to high-ground with the help of a few tools.

Update 12/22 2:20 EST: Sand Tunneling has been disabled in Arena Mode.

Original Article: Fortnite is no stranger to glitches, with some of them appearing over the course of several seasons. The “boat glitch” was in the game for a long time, allowing players to hop out of a boat and instantly teleport to high-ground.

YouTuber Glitch King has found another glitch that’s similar to this classic, but it uses the Sand and a Gas Can instead of a boat.

To do this glitch, all you need to do is throw down a Gas Can, sink into the sand, ram into the can, and jump. From there, you’ll instantly teleport to any structure above you. As you can see in the video, you can use this glitch to go from the bottom of the Tilted skyscraper to the top.

Casual players probably won’t see this glitch very much, but it could be a menace in competitive games. Late-game circles that end on the Zero Point could be littered with players teleporting to high-ground and into boxes above them.

Gas Cans are relatively common and are already a useful tool in competitive Fortnite. A lot of teams have these items going into late-game situations, meaning they’ll only need the circle to favor them to use this method.

Glitch King released his video on December 22, the day of writing. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Epic disable the Gas Cans until they fix this glitch – at least, in competitive.

Until then, you can use this glitch to your advantage or keep an eye out for someone else using it. Don’t be too comfortable if you have the high-ground.

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