Fortnite leak reveals dynamic ice coming in Winterfest 2020

Fortnite leak reveals dynamic ice coming in Winterfest 2020


A new Fortnite Winterfest leak points to environmental ice that can melt when fire touches it.


11 hours ago


Winterfest could be coming to Fortnite any day now. This leak points to a new mechanic: dynamic environmental ice.

‘Tis the season for Fortnite Winterfest, which typically includes a heap of new additions to the Fortnite map. We can expect to see the Season 5 map get blasted with snow, along with returning seasonal items like the Snowball Launcher.

We’ve heard a lot about what will happen this Winterfest season, but most players hope that it will be similar to last year. The 14 Days of Fortnite offered us free cosmetics every day – just for logging in.

Fortnite data miner, Mang0e, provided some interesting information about another environmental effect we could see this season: ice.

According to the leak, this won’t’ be the ice of the past. It will be dynamic and will melt if fire touches it.

Electricity was also updated in the game files, but we might not see this come to fruition in time for Winterfest.

New Environmental Ice could appear this winter.

It and Electricity have been in the works since Fire was added, and both were updated in 15.00.

Ice will be melted my fire, and will potentially turn water into ice. I assume if Epic ends up using it, they would for Winterfest.

— Mang0e – Fortnite Dataminer (@Mang0e_) December 11, 2020

As is always the case with these leaks, we won’t know whether it will be coming to the game until Winterfest begins. This could be another in a long line of concepts that Epic never ends up using.

If dynamic ice does come to Fortnite, it will be interesting to see how it works. Will the lakes around Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake freeze? Will we be able to break through the ice and get trapped underneath? Only time will tell.

Limited Time Modes

The Blood Gulch Capture the Flag LTM is live in Fortnite. Here’s how to find and play it in Creative Mode.


14 hours ago


December 11, 2020

Blood Gulch Fortnite LTM

Fortnite X Halo is here, with Master Chief, a new cosmetic bundle, and a Blood Gulch Capture the Flag LTM. Here’s how to play the new game mode.

If you thought Fortnite Season 4 was crossover-heavy, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The first week of Season 5 has included a Mandalorian Battle Pass skin along with crossovers with God of War and Halo – and this is only the beginning.

Unlike God of War, Halo’s multiplayer focus lent itself to a Fortnite LTM – the Creative Mode recreation of the iconic Blood Gulch Capture the Flag.

There is matchmaking available for this mode, but it isn’t as intuitive as you might expect. At the time of writing, there’s no way to directly queue into this game from the lobby, leaving players wondering whether or not it’s working.

What’s more, even loading into Creative Mode might not make this LTM available. The Creative “Fill” Mode doesn’t appear to show Blood Gulch as a featured island. Xbox players can’t even queue into matchmaking from these portals, anyway – at least, for now.

Xbox One players are currently unable to use Matchmaking portals in Creative mode, and can only get to the new Blood Gulch map by entering its code 9677-6974-5646 (without matchmaking). We are working on a fix

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) December 11, 2020

Once you know what to do, finding Blood Gulch is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Load into a private Creative Mode
  • Walk up too the Blood Gulch featured island and begin matchmaking

Players on Xbox One – or anyone in a Creative Fill lobby – can search for a match this way:

  • Put in island code: 9677-6974-5646
  • Enter the island after it loads
  • Enter the matchmaking portal within the island.
Blood Gulch Fortnite

As for the map itself, it’s a stunning recreation of one of the most iconic maps in the history of the Halo franchise.

In our short sample size, we didn’t find the game as competitive as we would’ve liked. Players on each team left before the end, and capturing the flag seemed impossible without proper teamwork.

Hop in and try it out for yourself! Your experience with the LTM could be vastly different than ours.


Fortnite X Halo is here, with a Master Chief cosmetic pack and Halo LTM. Here’s how to unlock the exclusive Matte Black style for the skin.


16 hours ago


December 11, 2020

Matte Black Master Chief Fortnite

Master Chief has landed on the Fortnite island, and Xbox players have the chance to unlock this exclusive style for him.

Fortnite has been bringing consoles together for years, now, as the first game to bridge the gap between Xbox and PlayStation. Crossplay is a given these days, but people forget that Fortnite was the first major game to include it.

Now, we have Xbox and PlayStation characters occupying the same universe. Instead of ignoring one another, Master Chief and Kratos can team-up against the bad guys of the Fortnite world.

PlayStation Fortnite players who purchased Kratos can unlock an exclusive skin style by playing a game on their new PS5. The same is true for Xbox Players who bought Master Chief.

Xbox Series X and S players can unlock an exclusive Matte Black style for Master Chief after playing a single game on their new console. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the last-gen Xbox One.

Defender of humanity and destroyer of alien ringworlds, the Master Chief arrives as the next Hunter to the Island.

Grab The Master Chief Set in the Shop now!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 11, 2020

This promotion will run through Christmas, so don’t worry if you have to wait to get your hands on the new console. You’ll still be able to unlock the Matte Black finish when you play.

The odd-man-out is, as usual, Nintendo. Normally, we’d assume that a Nintendo IP would be entering Fortnite soon. Some fans have even called for Jonesy to enter Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, Nintendo is notoriously protective of their characters, so we have no idea whether or not we’ll see any Nintendo characters enter Fortnite.

Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about console-specific Fortnite crossovers, along with any other hunters that Epic announce.

Image Credit: u/EduhBaracuta, Epic Games

Item Shop

Fortnite crossovers keep coming – this time, with the announcement of a Fortnite X Walking Dead collaboration in Season 5.


16 hours ago


December 11, 2020

The Mandalorian is far from the only crossover character in Fortnite Season 5. Last night at the Game Awards, Epic announced an upcoming Fortnite X Walking Dead collaboration.

Fortnite Season 5 is only a week old, but Epic have already added some new characters from fan-favorite franchises. Kratos from God of War and Master Chief from Halo have already entered the game, with even more “hunters” rumored to be coming soon.

While fans speculate about a potential Predator crossover, Epic gave us a teaser for a different collaboration at the Game Awards, last night.

Everyone was expecting to see Master Chief enter Fortnite but was surprised when Agent Jonesy landed in the Walking Dead universe – scooping up Daryl Dixon and Michonne.

We already have a date for these skins as well. They’ll be in the Item Shop in less than a week on December 16.

The real question is: Who will be next? Predator is a safe bet, but there are doubtlessly other characters that fans haven’t even thought about coming to Fortnite before the end of Season 5.

Just when we thought that Epic were slowing down the crossovers in Season 5, we get three new collaborations in the first week. It’s going to be an interesting one.

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