Episode 4 of WandaVision May Have Just Introduced the True Villain

Episode 4 of WandaVision May Have Just Introduced the True Villain

After three truly puzzling weeks of sitcom shenanigans laid over a mounting sense of existential dread, the fourth episode of WandaVision, entitled “We Interrupt This Program,” fully broke away from its established format for the first time to show viewers what’s been going on outside of Westview all this time.

This meant confirming viewers’ suspicions that Geraldine, a.k.a. Monica Rambeau, was indeed an interloper, albeit an unwitting one, and that the voice on the radio was Jimmy Woo. We also got a fairly prosaic (and slightly underwhelming) explanation for that truly unsettling image of the beekeeper emerging from the sewers. And perhaps most significantly, we discovered that Wanda and Vision’s neighbors, friends and coworkers in Westview are in fact the town’s real-life inhabitants, who are all now being forced to play different roles in Wanda’s fantasy.

Wanda certainly seems to pose the biggest threat to the town right now, sending Monica flying through several walls and across hundreds of yards of land, and rebuilding her surroundings to suit her wishes. But that doesn’t necessarily make her the villain of the piece; it is becoming increasingly clear that the world she has created is her way of escaping her grief and trauma. Remember that within the timeline of the show, she has only been “un-snapped” for a few weeks, and from her perspective, the death of Vision is still incredibly raw.

So naturally, viewers are starting to wonder who else the bad guy will emerge to be. There’s definitely something odd about Agnes, who was one of the few characters in the show-within-a-show who didn’t appear to have a real-life counterpart, and seems to have her own agenda. But one fan believes that “We Interrupt This Program” may have introduced an antagonist without us even knowing it.

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Over on the Everything Always channel, Michael Roman speculates that Tyler Hayward, the acting director of SWORD, may in fact have some nefarious motivations. First off, he assigns Monica to the Westview case to begin with:

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