Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live appearance will be streamed around the world (updated)

Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live appearance will be streamed around the world (updated)

Saturday Night Live is one of those late-night American shows that has never really gone down well in Australia. Thanks to the challenges of international timezones, some very US-based humour, and the exclusive rights held by Foxtel, means many Australians don’t watch and have probably never watched a full episode of SNL.

While there’s the occasional clip that gets shared online, something very different is happening for this week’s SNL episode. What will be around 90 minutes (excluding commercials), will be streamed on YouTube, around the world, for the first time.

There are, however, some regions around the world that may still require a VPN, or have sold the digital streaming rights and from the video description, it looks like Australia is in that camp.

To watch episodes of SNL in your region visit:

Australia Viewers – https://www.foxtel.com.au/

Canada Viewers – https://www.globaltv.com/shows/saturd…

UK Viewers – https://www.sky.com/


The Elon/Miley episode of SNL is now live and I can confirm the YouTube link works, so those concerned they would miss it, due to not having Foxtel can relax.

Saturday Night Live is well known for its skits and while Musk is certainly no actor or dancer, he’s certainly shown on a number of occasions that he’s prepared to throw his hat in the ring for both. Musk has had appearances in Ironman and The Big Bang Theory. Musk has also broken out some grade-A dad dancing at events like the Giga Shanghai launch, so we should not be surprised to see him act, dance and potentially even sing tonight, although I’m sure Miley will take the lead on that front.

The reason for the change in streaming (usually restricted to the US), is that one of the largest global personalities, Elon Musk is appearing with Miley Cyrus. When one of the most well known, richest people in the world, appear on a show, naturally that draws international attention, so this move by NBC to open the stream is very welcome. This could be the most-watched episode of SNL in history.

‘SNL’ is a global phenomenon and this livestream marks the first time audiences around the world will experience the show simultaneously along with the US. It’s incredibly exciting to create this worldwide event with host Elon Musk and musical guest Miley Cyrus. We thank our international partners and YouTube for helping us make it happen.”

Frances Berwick, Chairman, Entertainment Networks, NBCUni

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