Digital Transformation is Incomplete Without the Connected Worker

Digital Transformation is Incomplete Without the Connected Worker

Digital Transformation is Incomplete Without the Connected Worker

Data, analysis, and visualization provide a network effect that empowers empirical decision-making for long-term enterprise sustainability

By Ravi Gopinath

Ever since silver ore was discovered there in 1859, a continual influx of visitors to Carson City, Nev.—and the demand on public works that comes with this rush—has challenged city officials. Today, preventing any disruption of utility services means the Carson City Public Works Department must monitor and manage utilities across three counties.

To keep up with demand, for several years the city has used an intelligent and intuitive connected infrastructure system that can remotely calibrate and seamlessly switch up service responses to meet demand for transportation, power, and water systems. Using mobile devices, connected workers—field staff, engineers, and operators—can access critical key performance indicator (KPI) data and process information from the field, often in real time. A virtual representation of city resources on employees’ handsets helps them anticipate problems and take preventive action.

With its connected workers already using remote, integrated solutions, Carson City’s operations presaged the widespread workplace changes unfolding around the globe in response to the pandemic.

Today’s Connected Worker

The connected worker, integrated into the workplace environment by advanced networking technologies, is the human representation of digital transformation, interpreting networked data inputs collected from across an organizational grid to provide context, insight, and guidance that improves decision-making across the value chain: optimizing assembly-line operations, making inventory-adjustment decisions, fine-tuning heavy machinery.

Nearly half of all industrial organ

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