D-Link launches Wi-Fi 6 Mesh networking solution, COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band into ANZ

D-Link launches Wi-Fi 6 Mesh networking solution, COVR AX AX1800 Dual Band into ANZ

D-Link has updated their COVR wireless mesh solution to include support fro the new WiFi 6 standard. WiFi 6 support is becoming much more common with new devices like the PlayStation also supporting it.

While WiFi 6 is certainly better than 5, the gains in networking performance are not necessarily in outright download or upload speeds on a single device. Instead WiFi 6 focuses on removing the performance hit that a network receives from having multiple devices connect and download simultaneously. Basically adding more devices, should no longer degrade the speed of other devices in your home.

The D-Link solution comes in the form of the COVR-X1873 (3 -Pack), COVR-X1872 (2-Pack) and the COVR-X1870 (Individual Router / Add-On COVR Point).

The COVR-X1873 is powered by three AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 COVR Points seamlessly working together and is the ideal solution for filling a medium to large sized home up to 740 square metres with complete Wi-Fi coverage.

The COVR AX Series utilises OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology which communicates more data to more devices whilst simultaneously reducing latency. It also has BSS colouring which helps organise data packets, making your network more efficient and improving Wi-Fi 6 device performance even further.

The battery life of your connected devices can also be enhanced with Target Wake Time (TWT) technology and if you want to know just how fast your Internet connection really is there’s a built-in Speedtest.

For homes such as studios up to medium-sized homes, the COVR-X1870 and COVR-X1872 provide a great way to start your whole-home mesh network and yet gives you the added comfort of expanding when and if the need arises. By adding on an additional COVR-X1870, or even a 2 or 3-Pack if need be, D-Link’s COVR AX solutions allows you to customise and expand your network to match your home, providing you lag-free, super-fast, whole-home Wi-Fi.

There’s also support for the latest WPA3 security, and the latest version of the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) protocol that encrypts user data and protects wireless networks from outside threats.

The COVR range eliminates the issues that come with multiple networks as there’s just one wireless network name (or SSID) for your entire home, no matter where you are.

Another part of the COVR AX Series’ appeal is the way it reduces buffering and lag by using D-Link’s Smart Steering technology to automatically direct your device to the optimum wireless band, based on your current network traffic.

This means smooth Wi-Fi delivery for every device in the home, no matter how old or new it is, with no more frustrating interruptions within your

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