‘City Guesser’ is a video based geography guessing game

‘City Guesser’ is a video based geography guessing game


City Guesser is a browser-based game that let’s you try and guess a city based on a video from the point of view of a pedestrian walking around a city:

City Guesser is a geography based browser game that strives to provide an exceptional travel and guessing experience. City Guesser launched on August 13th, 2020, and welcomes thousands of geography-enthusiasts each day.

This game has become particularly difficult since I don’t even remember what the outside looks like anymore. For every hint I guessed the location of my sofa and TV and turns out I wasn’t even close once. What does…wind…feel…like?

You can try the game out for yourself here. It’s weirdly fun and a nice virtual travel escape.

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