Celebrities reenacted the entirety of The Princess Bride in their homes

Celebrities reenacted the entirety of The Princess Bride in their homes


In the summer of 2020, Jason Reitman directed an at-home reenactment of The Princess Bride called Home Movie: The Princess Bride featuring a ton of celebrities (Adam Sandler, Charlize Theron, Pedro Pascal, John Cho, and Roman Mars just to name a few of the literal dozens).

The thing played out in 9 parts across Quibi which is why nobody saw it until some hero bootlegged the whole thing onto YouTube. And because Quibi is a thing that no longer exists, the whole video might actually stay up since there’s nobody to make a copyright claim against it. Also, this might be the only good thing to have come out of Quibi. I mean, other than the laughs at how much money they lost and how quickly they went under.

Keep going for the entire movie. The original Princess Bride is 1:38 and this comes in at 1:07, so I’m assuming they just edited out all the hardcore full penetration sex scenes.

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