Boston Dynamics expands Spot product line: auto-recharging, remote operation and more

Boston Dynamics expands Spot product line: auto-recharging, remote operation and more

Unless you’ve you’ve been offline for the past few years, chances are you’ve seen the amazing robots created by Boston Dynamics. Spot is an all-electric robot that can carry up to 14kg, and can be yours for just US$75,000.

Today, Boston Dynamics launched an expanded product line for their robot dog, Spot. This incredibly capable robot is strong, capable and popular, with more than 400 now sold to customers. While the raw number may not sound like much, at the premium price, that equates to more than $30 million of revenue for the company.

CEO Robert Playter detailed some uses cases for these remotely controlled robots, including automating data capture, eyes on worksites that have complex terrain. He went on to list how customers have implemented Spot to date, including construction sites, deep underground mines and even inside nuclear power plants, keeping workers safe from radiation.

Spot has the capability to integrate workloads. These are essentially attachments to enhance the capabilities of the robot and Boston Dynamics now has more than 40 partners to work on these solutions.

These partnerships include FLIR for thermal imaging, Trimble for Lidar-based mapping of complex environments.

Based on customer feedback, the company is no going to enable Spot to autonomous patrol work sites, like a guard dog (with a connected camera).

Today Boston revealed 3 new products – Spot Enterprise, Scout and Spot Arm.

Woodside is Australia’s largest producer of natural gas and with a large, complex sites, they need to be monitored. Most companies use humans to solve the problem, but Woodside are using Spot to do the task accurately, repeatedly.

Woodside can now use Spot Enterprise, equipped with a camera and microphone, to autonomously perform remote inspection tasks, saving money on travel and wages, while reliably repeating these checks at

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