Australian Greens release an aggressive 5 year plan to accelerate Electric Vehicle Uptake

Australian Greens release an aggressive 5 year plan to accelerate Electric Vehicle Uptake

Over the years Australian Greens party got very distracted from their core goal, which is to look after the environment. The challenge of addressing climate change is right in their wheelhouse and today we seen the Australian Greens, return their focus in the right direction, the Victorian transport sector.

In Victoria, Transport accounts for almost 23% of Victoria’s overall CO2 emissions. Of that sector, passenger cars account for more than half, making the transition to Electric Vehicles, a critical aspect of solving this problem.

As part of the 5 year rapid uptake plan from the greens, they have a number of key strategies ranging from providing discounts on EV purchases, to removing stamp duty and rego. There’s also a strong focus on increasing the number of charging locations available and incentives for vehicle fleets to go EV too.

As far as policies go, this is actually one of the most practical, sensible policies I’ve ever seen from the Greens. At the last election, Australian Greens achieved 3 seats and just 10.71% of the vote, making it highly unlikely the Greens could win the next election (Saturday, 26 November, 2022).

What is possible is that they influence the major parties and if there was ever a policy Labor or the Coalition could and should borrow from, its this one.

The incentives are capped, ensuring these discounts aren’t used to buy ultra-luxury EVs for the rich, landing at a very practical $77,565 which would apply to the most popular EV in the country, the Tesla Model 3 (at least the SR+ model), as well as the Hyundai Kona, Renault Zoe, MG ZS EV and more.

What’s probably missing is the interest-free loans that are on offer under the Victoria Solar Homes program that has been incredibly successful. This should also be means tested to ensure household income isn’t excessive to qualify.

Below is the full details on the ‘The Victorian Greens 5 Year Electric Vehicle Rapid Uptake Plan’ as it stands today.

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